Anna Hrund Másdóttir


Blue Sponge Cake, 2015

October 2018-January 2019

Helplessly attracted to zany, non art-store materials, Anna has used blue correction tape, pink marshmallows, a polka-dotted shower cap, a fresh pineapple, a special mushroom-shaped sponge for scrubbing your face—always modestly-scaled materials of contrasting textures and colors—to assemble objects that look as though they may have sprouted out of a cartoon, most lying somewhere between edible, beautiful, and disposable.

While Anna’s work is permeated by a sense of process and concentration—like intricately weaving light, shimmery ribbons, or stacking airy, smeary cheese-puffs into a near perfect pyramid atop a milk crate—it is equally occupied with the language of how diminutive, mass produced objects hold space, as well as the specificity and idiosyncrasy of their design. Often using non-food foods as art material (bubble tape!), Anna tangles the senses normally engaged with art, orienting us away from a formal experience and toward one more akin to nibbling or feasting, depending on how hungry you are.


Anna has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2014. She holds an MFA in Art from CalArts; a BA in Fine Art from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík; and she attended the Mountain School of Art. Her most recent solo show, Fantastic Souvenirs, was held at the Reykjavík Art Museum in 2017. To schedule a studio visit with Anna at the unpublished studio in Los Angeles, write to her at annahrund [at] For more information on Anna and her work, visit